Reaching The World with the Word

Besides those who are legally blind, many other individuals, organizations, churches, and ministries can benefit from the products we carry.  Hearing God’s Word for many is the only way to have independent access to God’s Word.  Here are a few of them:

bibles for nursing homeNursing Home/Assisted Living

Residents typically don’t have the ability to hold & read a printed Bible and rarely have someone that is able to sit and read to them.

We work with Activity Directors everyday about options they can use at their facility in group environments or with families and churches who want their loved ones to have their own, easy to use, Pocket Bibles.

Medical Treatment for Major Illness or Hospice Care

bible for chemo treatmentPeople who might have perfect vision, but are going through cancer treatment, dialysis, or suffer from Multiple sclerosis, brain, nervous system diseases, or more.

For many, trying to hold a book or even manage its pages can be extremely difficult because of an illness.  Audio Bibles are a great way they are able to “read” their Bible in such difficult times.  And for those in hospice where their illness is terminal, hearing the Bible can often bring them much needed peace and comfort. Pocket Bibles are perfect for many because they can use it at home, or put it in their pocket or purse and use while spending hours in treatment.

Special Needs

bible for special needs - make em smile eventPeople with autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, severe ADHD, or cystic fibrosis, are examples of who may be considered to have special needs.

Just like the blind and visually impaired, those with special needs often have difficulty with reading print or even using electronic devices that are complicated and confusing.  Many types of special needs qualify for the National Library Service Talking Book program or find the Pocket Bibles simple and easy to use.

Short Term Mission Trips or Refugee Missions

bible for mission tripBecause our Audio Bible library has hundreds languages, Pocket Bibles are perfect for any type of mission project.  What better way to tell them about the scriptures then by sharing it with them in their own language.  And since Pocket Bibles are solar powered, they are great for areas of the world where electrical power is not readily available.

Abuse, Catastrophic Disaster or Traumatizing Event

There are times when people go through situations that are very difficult.  What better way to begin the healing, bring a message of love and peace than by listening to the Bible. Whether its a child, teen, or adult, our massive audio library has resources that can be used for nearly all ages and every situation.

Homeless Ministries

bible for homelessThe Pocket Bibles solar technology makes it a perfect device for the homeless.  No plugs are required to charge it and because its only 2.5 ounces, its not heavy or bulky making it difficult to carry with them where ever they may go.