DAISY/MP3 Formats

Products for Daisy Book and MP3 devices.  We do not provide Daisy or MP3 players or devices, only the media compatible with them. For information on Daisybook devices, please visit Daisy.org.

Recipients must be qualified as blind, legally blind, or print-handicapped and provide certification of impairment to receive.

DAISY Audio Bibles

Our Daisy Book/Digital Talking Book Audio Bibles can be loaded and used with devices like HumanWare’s Victor Stream, PlexTalk, BookPort – basically any Daisy Book reading device/player that uses SDHC memory.  Daisybook devices must be NLS (AMR-WB) playback compatible.  Most Daisybook computer software are not AMR-WB compatible.

 MP3 Audio Bibles

Audio Bibles that you can use on your computer or use to load on your own portable mp3 device. Load MP3 files onto accessible iPhones & iPads for when Wifi and Cellular Data is not available.

English Versions

New King James Version
King James Version
Int’l Children’s Bible

Other Languages

Afrikaans NT
Arabic NT
Bulgarian NT
Czech NT
Farsi NT
French OT & NT
German OT & NT
Greek NT
Haitian Creole NT
Hebrew OT & NT
Hindi NT
Italian NT
Mandarin NT
Navajo NT
Polish NT
Romanian NT
Russian OT & NT
Slovak NT
Spanish OT & NT (RV1909)
Spanish NT (RV2000)
Turkish NT
Ukrainian NT